Invite your friends to join you for IF:PRay September 23rd! Download this PDF invitation and fill out your event details through one of the following ways:

  1. Using Adobe Acrobat you can type in the event info
  2. Print the PDF and hand writing in the details. Scan it back into your computer to distribute it online

Expectations of IF:Pray Leaders

1. Facilitate the 4 Calls to Prayer

You or your team will lead your group of women at this IF Pray event as you all come together to seek God and how he wants to move in your local and global context.

Depending on the makeup of your gathering, we want to give you the freedom to build the schedule of events. The Prayer Journal equips you with the 4 Movements of prayer for that night. We want you to pray on these 4 specific themes, but how you pray and how long you pray is up to you. We think 2 hours is an ideal event duration, but it is your decision as to how you want use that time to come together and pray.

Think through how you want to facilitate prayer. Examples of ways to pray are:

  • If you have a smaller group, maybe everyone prays out loud, one at a time.
  • Use a microphone, for larger groups, and have people come up to pray one by one. Pray in small groups, or pairs.
  • Some people do not like to pray out-loud; therefore, a time of silence and journaling may be the way for you to allow your group the space to pray.
  • People can stand during certain parts and kneel during others.
  • Some groups may want to pray with eyes open talking in groups to women around you.
  • Consider switching up who people pray with.

We trust that you know your group and that you are being led by God, so we want to give you the freedom to build your own schedule based on the IF Pray guide. However you decide to go about this event, we ask that you will create a simple and pure environment for everyone to come, pray, and seek how God wants to awaken us to his will and his call on our lives.

2. Build a safe and deep environment for your people. (Like you always do!)

  • Pray: Pray in preparation for your gathering.
  • Lean on God: God will have unique agendas for group and event as you rely on Him. Lean into your own weakness and into His strength and direction.
  • Be transparent: If you choose not to be vulnerable, no one else will be. If you desire women to feel safe with you and your group, be vulnerable.
  • Listen but also lead: Some women are taking a tremendous risk in being vulnerable with you. Protect them by not interrupting and by instead empathizing. Do not feel the need to speak or pray after each person shares. Avoid lecturing, but do point the women back to truth.
  • Model trust: Show your group how you are seeking God, confessing unbelief, and asking for greater obedience to what God is doing. Ask God to convict you and lead out with how you are processing His will in your own life.

3. Fight to keep unity a central value during IF:Pray.

Prayer is very personal and unique for everybody. As a leader, we give you the responsibility to keep a spirit of unity within your group as the prayer time begins to take shape. We ask for sensitivity, openness, and again, a simple and pure environment for everyone to come to the feet of Jesus in their personal way. Ask that the Spirit guide you to demonstrate love to everyone that you come across as you plan and host your IF:Pray gathering. 

IF:Pray Supplies

1. IF Pray Journal

We are providing you with a printable download of our IF:Pray journal. This is where you will find the 4 Movements of Prayer guide and scripture for the IF:Pray event. It also includes a space for prayer journaling.

Feel free to print it for everyone in your group so they can follow along and have a place to journal. This is not required. At a minimum, the facilitators need a copy for leading the time of prayer.

2. Bible

Each prayer movement begins with reading a passage of scripture. Be sure to have your Bible available for that time. We suggest the ESV translation. Invite your women to bring their own if they’d like to follow along.

3. Journal

If you are not able to print the IF Pray journal, suggest to your group to bring their own journal in case they would like to use it, not pray out-loud, and for a time of response at the end of the event.

It also may be a helpful to have writing utensils ready and available.